Are you having a hard time keeping your home cool this summer?

With warmer weather upon us, the temperatures in our homes are rising significantly. While winter is a great time to bundle up and get cozy, escaping the summer heat is not so easy.

Peak Hydronics specializes in air conditioning repair, maintenance, installation and replacement – but we also know there are other ways you can keep your home cool during the summertime.

Beat the heat by following these tips:

1. Upgrade Your Window Coverings

The first step in keeping your home cool in the summertime is to prevent as much heat from coming in as possible.

You don’t need to invest in heavy curtains to keep the heat from the sun from warming up your home. Many window covering options, including blinds and shades, offer high R-values while allowing natural light to filter into your space.

R-value is the measure of how well a barrier, such as a window covering, resists the conductive flow of heat. Look for styles with higher R-values to provide better insulation against the sun.

2. Create a Cross Breeze

Take advantage of nature by opening windows at opposite ends of your home.

By doing so, you will allow air to flow more freely throughout the house. Known as cross-ventilation, this will help reduce the temperature in your home.

3. Keep Your AC in Working Shape

Sometimes, however, you can’t rely on breezes to keep your home cool.

This is why many homeowners install air conditioning units or mini-split systems in their home. Keep in mind, though, that these are mechanical systems and are prone to wearing down and breaking if not maintained properly.

To keep your AC in working shape, here are some maintenance steps you should perform at the beginning and end of every summer:

  • Change/clean the air filters.
  • Clean the air conditioner coils.
  • Remove debris from the exterior unit.
  • Straighten the coil fins.

To ensure that your AC system is properly maintained, you can always call in an expert HVAC technician to inspect, maintain and repair your system.

4. Avoid Using Unnecessary Heat Sources

While you can keep the sun out or bring cool air in, your home will still warm up significantly if you are still using appliances such as stoves and clothes driers.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather by hanging your clothes out to dry. Not only will you prevent the temperature rising in your home but you’ll also benefit from lower energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Same goes for using your stove and oven during the summertime. Use this time of year as an excuse to fire up the barbecue and keep the heat outside where it belongs.

5. Dehumidify

Dehumidifiers are not just a moisture-reducing appliance best left in basements and crawl spaces. They can also keep your home cool this summer.

If you live in a humid area, you know how being sticky and sweaty is far more uncomfortable than simply being hot.

A couple of dehumidifiers – one in the bedroom and one in the main living area – can make the difference between a heavy and muggy atmosphere and a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Stay Cool This Summer!

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your home even during the hottest months.

Follow these tips to create a cool and relaxing environment this summer for yourself and your family.

Thinking about installing an air conditioning unit? Contact our professional HVAC technicians for more information about how we can get your house feel cool and comfortable in no time!