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Cooling & HVAC Services

Peak Hydronics has a full HVAC division to handle all your cooling needs. We provide 24/7 service for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. While air conditioning was once considered a luxury for Alberta homes, energy efficiency has made the comfort and safety provided by A/C much more affordable. These savings extend from the space-age material used in modern HVAC units to the hyper-efficient power supplies that will hardly register on your utility bill, especially when used in conjunction with the most advanced climate control technology available on the market.

Here at Peak Hydronics, our HVAC techs specialize in the mechanical service, installation and retrofit of HVAC systems for residential customers of all sizes. Whether you own a skinny house or a multi-residential high-rise, you can achieve the modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning setup of your dreams.

We feature exclusive services for multi-family low- and high-rise apartments or condominium complexes, including:

Residential Cooling

All types, such as central air, heat pumps, ductless, and VRV. Peak Hydronics is capable of installing, servicing and maintaining all types of systems.

Air Conditioner Installation

Air conditioning units are a blessing when the summer heat hits. Peak Hydronics’ expert technicians have years of experience installing residential air conditioning units to keep your home and family cool during the summer.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repair

A broken air conditioner can be inconvenient and stressful. Peak Hydronics offers repairs as well as maintenance services to ensure your unit is running in top operating condition.

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Reciprocating & Screw Chillers

Chillers provide cooling for commercial multi-family, institutional and industrial buildings. Whether the reciprocating-type, screw-type or other, the pros at Peak Hydronics are ready to install, repair or maintain your chiller.

Split/DX Systems

When cooling via direct expansion (DX) or split systems, refrigerant moves between an evaporator and condenser usually via piping, spanning between the inside and outside of a property. We have experience with all manufactures and types of split systems, and can efficiently assess, repair, install and maintain these systems.

Mini-split Systems

Mini-split cooling systems are ductless, but are often the preferred, more silent alternative to a noisy window-mounted unit. The unit is typically mounted above a door or another room opening and can be programmed to various settings such as oscillations or timed on/off cycles. We provide mini-split installation and repair services for manufactures such as Carrier, Daikin, LG and Mitsubishi.


Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is simply a non-trademarked label for VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume, owned by Daikin), a high-end, complex air cooling system. These cutting edge systems are designed to work as a whole and specialized diagnostic tools and ability are required to work with them. Peak Hydronics aims to become an industry leader in VRF cooling systems for high-end residential applications as well in the commercial/industrial sectors.

Commercial Cooling

Our cooling and HVAC expertise extends to all manner of commercial applications, as more and more consumers desire a comfortable experience wherever they bring their business. Do not risk losing clients to a stuffy office! Modern air conditioners can be quiet, efficient and affordable.

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Cooling Towers

Whether pre-assembled or custom built, Peak Hydronics has access to the most sophisticated cooling tower products available. Our technicians are fully trained in all industry standards, making us the perfect choice for industrial or commercial cooling tower maintenance, repair or upkeep.

Available 24/7

Peak Hydronics can handle all your cooling repairs and installations, providing quality work, friendly staff, and affordable prices. Questions or concerns? We’re available 24/7! Contact us by email, phone, or through our website today!

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