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Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair

When it’s the dead of summer, the last thing you need is for your air conditioning unit to malfunction or stop working altogether.

If you find yourself without a functioning air conditioning unit, don’t sweat! Peak Hydronics 24/7 emergency services will ensure that your AC unit is up and running in record time.

We are proud to support the residents of Edmonton and its surrounding areas when it comes to handling their cooling and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) needs.

Common Air Conditioner Issues

  • Air conditioning units are not without their faults, especially if the system is old or not well-maintained. Your AC unit may be in need of repair if you notice the following issues:
    The air isn’t cold. If your thermostat settings are right, and yet the air coming from your unit isn’t cold, it may require a repair.
  • The unit does not provide even cooling. This issue has more to do with leaky ducts, insufficient insulation or blocked registers – all of which can be fixed by our expert HVAC technicians.
  • There is water leaking from the AC unit. Water drips and leaks usually indicate clogs in the condensate line. Ignoring this issue could lead to ice accumulation in the coils
  • The unit makes strange noises. AC units are fairly quiet, so any screeching, banging or clicking could be indicative of a severe problem.

If any of these issues are occurring with your air conditioning unit, it is best to shut off the system and contact our HVAC technicians right away.

Keep Your System in Top Working Order

Whether your air conditioning system is in need of a repair, or requires regular maintenance, our experts will inspect, clean and repair your AC unit.

Some of our service work includes:

  • Tightening electrical parts
  • Cleaning condensate drain lines
  • Lubricating parts
  • Examining system control
  • Changing air filters
  • Removing debris

All these measures, and more, are carefully taken to extend the life of your air conditioning and improve its efficiency.

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Our immediate response times mean that your air conditioning needs are met quickly and conveniently. Plus, with Peak Hydronic’s 24/7 emergency service, you never have to worry about suffering the summer heat without your air conditioning unit.

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