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Drain & Sewer Services

Peak Hydronics has a sister company, Peak Sewer & Underground Services, to handle all your sewer and underground service needs. We offer 24/7 service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers for Edmonton and its surrounding areas. No matter when you need us, our team provides an immediate response to all drain and sewer services, based on both scheduled and emergency needs.Our goal is to solve our customers’ sewage and drainage issues in a timely manner to provide long-lasting solutions that prevent recurring problems.


Augering and snaking are fundamental plumbing skills that our staff have mastered in their comprehensive training. We equip our teams with the latest motorized augers that can cut through any clog, restoring your drain or sewer system’s flow like new. Peak Hydronics offers full-service augering to solve any sewage or drainage issue you might have.

Camera Inspection Services

With our sewer camera inspection service, we can quickly and accurately determine the issues inside a sewer pipe. Whether it’s sagging, breaking, root infiltration or obstruction– our cutting edge technology will quickly diagnose the cause(s). By seeing where the human eye cannot, our experts can solve more problems in less time– this gives customers affordable solutions and valuable information so our customers know they are making educated decisions on their drain and sewer needs.


Sewer flushing requires high pressure hoses that blasts water at an industrial standard in order to clear lines, drains and culverts. By making use of Peak’s full array of flushing equipment, our staff can address even the most stubborn clogs or built-up debris.

Drain Cleaning

We are your one-stop-shop for drain and sewer needs, especially the extremely common problem of clogs and back-ups! Our certified techs can handle plugged manholes, sewer line clogs, sink clogs, floor drain backups, toilet backups and more– even in commercial or industrial applications.


In addition to our fleet of trucks, we have a hydrovac trailer which is perfect for tight spots where a larger truck would not fit or would be considered overweight. Our holistic approach has allowed us to expand our hydrovac services to more markets than ever. Our hydrovac department offers numerous services including: daylighting, digging, catch basin/sewer manhole cleaning and flushing.

Root Cutting

We share our world with nature, meaning invasive roots and plants can begin to encroach on existing sewer lines or drainage systems. We offer regular maintenance and upkeep to address this growth, as well as emergency-based service to handle roots that have gone unchecked.

Water Main Breaks

A water main or “watermain” is a pipe attached to the main source of water for your property, usually your municipality’s pipes. Unfortunately, these pipes can degrade over time and break– this can result in deep pools of mud or even geysers of water. Although breaks in winter are most common, they are inconvenient at any time of year. Peak’s technicians are equipped with the backhoe services necessary to address water main breaks in residences, businesses or even industrial properties.

Septic Systems

Whether you purchase your septic system from Peak or not, we are happy to service, install or repair your tank (and any related devices). Tanks can be installed any time of year given enough space to work and acceptable conditions. We can also diagnose and fix issues such as clogs or leakage into groundwater.

Backhoe Services

We have a dedicated division for backhoe services, ready to take on water main breaks, sewer repairs, sewer installations and catch basin or manhole repairs. For our rural customers, we have the equipment and experience necessary for septic system repairs and installations.

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