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Pumps & Boilers

If you are looking for professional boiler installs for all heating and domestic applications, Peak Hydronics can assure 100% customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being extremely detail-oriented, thorough, and committed to our client’s vision. Boilers and pumps related to heating systems are delicate pieces of technology that have the comfort and safety of a property’s occupants riding on them. While a boiler may run fine for a while without maintenance, ignoring your heating system is the only surefire way to guarantee a problem down the road.

Quality Service

Our comprehensive service begins with our technicians– a team of courteous Journeyman-certified plumbers who are our frontline of customer satisfaction. Proudly owned and operated in the Edmonton area, Peak Hydronics knows what sort of climate Albertans face throughout the year. A boiler breakdown in the dead of winter is simply not acceptable! Our preventative maintenance philosophy will help ensure your heating system runs smoothly all year round, but emergency happens. In such cases, you can rely on Peak Hydronics’ 24/7 service for all heating system and boiler repairs. We aim to be on-site and off-site promptly, leaving you with a comfortable property and your own peace of mind.

When you are visited by Peak Hydronics, we pride ourselves on head-to-toe inspections of your heating system– this can help prevent problems from cropping up in the long-run. In addition to lowering your boiler’s risk of breakdown, this type of upkeep can decrease boiler noise, save money on your utility bill, increase your property’s resale value and even help ensure the health and safety of any occupants.

The staff here at Peak Hydronics are trained on all industry standards and their certification is always kept up to date. Thanks to this, we are prepared to service any boiler brand with intimate product knowledge and the highest quality materials or tools. No project is too big or small, as we have provided boiler- and pump-systems for all levels of needs: residential, multi-residential, rural, commercial and even industrial applications. We are certain that your needs will be met– even if you do not see your issue or project listed, contact us today! Whether by phone, email or website, your query will be processed immediately and our staff will respond in a timely manner.

Residential Boilers

While some may think boilers are exclusively for large or antiquated buildings, they have come a long way from the cast-iron beasts you might remember. Ultramodern hydronic heating systems are built around high-efficiency boilers that can actually handle a larger workload than competing furnaces at a lower cost. These advances have made luxuries such as in-floor heating more achievable for everyday consumers, as well as large-scale commercial applications. Properly zoned and installed radiant heating can make your property more affordable to heat and safer to occupy.

Peak Hydronics Can Help

From complicated Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Pump packages to high-efficiency boiler installs, Peak Hydronics provides energy-efficient options at an affordable rate. No matter what you require, we can help address any boiler or pump issue that you can imagine. We know how stressful it can be to have an issue with your heating system. Our team is available 24/7 to address pump and boiler emergencies.  Contact us today for total customer satisfaction.

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