Unlike the gradual transition from cold to warmth that spring provides, the chilly autumn weather seems to come on quickly in Edmonton.

Turning on your heat during the months of September and October seems like an admission of defeat and an acceptance that summer is actually over.

Most people try to stay away from turning on their heat until it is absolutely necessary. Knowing that the heating bills are going to climb during the coldest winter months, many homeowners avoid using their furnace during the fall to keep costs low.

Sound like you?

Even as the temperatures drop, there are ways to keep your home warm without turning your furnace on:

1. Dress in Warmer Clothes

While you may be hesitant to pack up the shorts and t-shirts, now is the time of year to throw on your comfy sweaters and fuzzy socks.

By simply changing your wardrobe to warmer pieces, you can stay nice and warm without having to turn your furnace on.

2. Check Your Home for Drafts

Not only will this save you money when it’s time to start using your home’s heating system, it will also delay its use by ensuring your home retains some warmth during autumn.

You can check for drafts yourself by using a tissue or even some incense to detect where air is coming into your home. Pay particular attention to the following areas:

Fill cracks with either caulking or spray foam and place draft stoppers against your doors.

3. Weatherproof Your Windows

When it comes to drafts, your windows are typically the biggest culprit for letting them in. Even one tiny crack or crevice can allow autumn’s chilly wind to blow in.

You can choose to fill the cracks or purchase a weatherproofing kit that allows you to tightly cover the windows with plastic to prevent drafts from coming in.

While you’re at it, you can also buy weatherstripping to prevent drafts from coming in your doors.

4. Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

A simple fix for keeping your home warm without using a furnace is to reverse the direction of your ceiling fan.

Your ceiling fan does more than keep you cool during the hot summer months – by reversing the motor to a clockwise direction, the fan creates an updraft that pushes warm air back down into the room.

This is also a great trick you can use in the winter time when the furnace is on to help reduce your heating bill.

5. Cover Your Floors with Rugs

Heat is capable of escaping through the tiniest cracks and crevices – and this includes your floorboards.

To keep heat and warmth in your home, lay down rugs made of insulating fabric such as wool.

Not only will this help prevent heat from escaping through your floor, it will also provide a warm and cozy area for your feet.

6. Put Heavier Blankets on Your Bed

In order to resist the urge to flip on the furnace at night to prevent a chilly sleep, simply place heavier blankets on your bed.

Down-filled blankets trap heat and are the warmest option for your bed.

However, an electric blanket works as well, as long as you use it safely. Most are designed with timers, meaning that the blanket will stay warm long enough for you to go to sleep, but turn off to avoid any risks of burns or fire.

While heavier blankets are not a long-term warmth solution for the winter months, they will definitely help in keeping your furnace off during the fall.

7. Use a Space Heater in the Bathroom

While it’s one thing to bundle up or sleep under heavier blankets, at some point in your morning you are going to need to get dressed and ready for the day.

There’s nothing worse than having a shower or bath in a cold bathroom. However, before you run to the thermostat to warm up your bathroom, consider using a small space heater instead.

Following all the safety guidelines, of course, place the heater in the bathroom and let it run for a few minutes to warm up the space. Once you get the hot water of the shower going, your bathroom is going to be toasty warm.

8. Close Off Unused Rooms

When you have heat trying to escape through any nook it can find, and cold air sneaking its way in through every crevice, it makes sense to simply close the door to any room you do not use or don’t use regularly.

This may include the laundry room or spare room in your home.

Yes, those rooms are going to get cold – but if you’re not using them, it’s not worth the heat loss and drafts they may create.

Winter is Coming

Like all things unavoidable in life, winter will soon be upon us in Edmonton. Use the above tips to keep your home warm and comfortable without your furnace until that time comes.

Once we do enter the winter season, Peak Hydronics is here to provide you with all of your heating needs. From furnace replacement, installation and maintenance, our expert team is available 24/7.

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