Do you know that feeling of anticipation for summer that you have when winter is blasting at full force?

It can be disappointing to finally get to the hot summer months only to find yourself suffering discomfort in your home.

For that reason alone, it may be worth it to splurge on an air conditioning system.

However, there are other reasons why having air conditioning can be beneficial not only to your home but to the health of you and your family as well:

1. Alberta’s Heat Waves

Residents of Edmonton are no strangers to the scorching heat waves of summer. The increase in temperatures can create an uncomfortable living environment for your family.

When you invest in an air conditioning system for your home, you are investing in your family’s comfort.

Children are more apt to play and be creative in a cooler environment. You’ll find yourself more productive as well, and less likely to put off household responsibilities such as housework and cooking due to the sweltering heat.

You’ll also notice a significant difference in your quality of sleep. When you have an air conditioner maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, you’ll spend fewer nights tossing, turning and sweating.

2. Better Air Quality

While nothing quite beats a fresh breeze rolling through your windows, depending on outside air to cool your home means more dust, pollen, and allergens invading your space.

Modern air conditioning units come equipped with air-purifying filtration systems that help keep the air clean of dust, dirt, pet hair, and other bacteria.

This is great news not only for your family’s respiratory health but also for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, and other breathing issues.

As with any system that requires filters, you will have to be sure to keep them cleaned and replace them when necessary.

Apart from clearing the air, air conditioners also ensure that clean air is regularly circulated throughout your home.

3. Increases the Value of Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, home improvements will always give you more bang for your buck. Buyers want homes that are low-maintenance and comfortable.

Installing an air conditioning system in your Edmonton home will definitely increase your ROI (return on investment) should you decide to sell your house down the road.

While Alberta doesn’t have as many hot days as, say, the southern United States, those aforementioned heatwaves are enough to make an air conditioning system desirable.

And even if you are looking to improve your home right now to sell, installing an AC unit not only will provide you with comfort while you are living there, but will increase the value of your home when it’s time to move on.

4. Reduces Humidity

Many people assume that humidity is an issue that merely affects your house and belongings – but too much humidity in your home can open the door for mold and pests.

When it comes to pest control, humidity is a major factor. For instance, dust mite infestations can be cleared up simply by reducing the humidity in the home to 50%.

High humidity levels also promote organic decay within your home, which bugs and other critters are attracted to.

Increased humidity also creates a breeding ground for mold spores, which can create or aggravate respiratory issues.

5. Improves Overall Health

Apart from creating a safer and healthier atmosphere for your family’s respiratory systems, cooler indoor temperatures are beneficial in reducing the risk of heatstroke and dehydration.

The more you sweat during the hot summer months, the more water your body loses. This can lead to dehydration.

Likewise, you can also suffer from heatstroke when your body overheats and cannot cool itself down.

Both illnesses can be prevented with an air conditioning system. The cooler air in your home will reduce sweating and keep your body temperature low and comfortable.

Plus, nothing beats escaping to your air-conditioned home to cool off on those hot and sweltering days.

Choosing an Air Conditioning System

There are a few options when it comes to choosing an air conditioning system for your home:

No matter the system you choose, the most important factor in determining what type of unit is appropriate for your home’s space.

For example, one mini-split unit is not going to cool a large home. It will, however, blow air through open spaces, so if your home is smaller, this system may suffice.

For larger homes, however, you can install multiple mini-split units.

A portable air conditioner has to be vented through a window or door, so it’s limited to the room you place it in. However, they are designed with wheels, making it easy to move the unit from room to room.

Central air systems utilize existing ductwork to blow cool air into your home. While this is ideal for larger spaces, it does increase the risk of overusing the filters since ducts are known to be quite dusty.

Proper Installation

No matter the style of air conditioning you choose for your home, proper installation is imperative to ensure that the unit is placed correctly and working efficiently. Our expert HVAC technicians at Peak Hydronics are available 24-7 to address all of your cooling needs.

From choosing the right unit to proper installation and maintenance, our team is ready to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

Are you ready, too?

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