It’s no secret that people across the world are dealing with toilet paper shortages right now. While suppliers say that there is plenty of TP to go around, stores can’t seem to keep their shelves stock with the stuff! While the shortage is only temporary, Peak Hydronics offers a solution that will benefit your household and the environment for years to come!

Bidets have been a regular fixture in many places across the world including Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. It’s only in recent years that they’re starting to make their way into the North American market.

Why Use a Bidet?

While a temporary toilet paper shortage may spur the idea, there are a number of reasons to continue using a bidet in your home long-term. First there are the environmental benefits: fewer paper products being consumed and discarded. While some may argue that a bidet increases waste water, the reality is that the amount of water is much less than what’s used to create a single roll of toilet paper. You also need to take into account the wood pulp needed to create the paper, as well as the time it takes for toilet paper to break down.

Secondly, there are the health benefits. If your hands get dirty, you wash them. This is the same principle behind a bidet. Toilet paper can also cause a discomfort for some. A bidet solves this issue by taking toilet paper out of the equation. Ultimately, bidets can help reduce rashes, hemorrhoids, and other uncomfortable conditions.

Finally, there are the financial benefits of long-term use. While a bidet may seem like a costly investment up front, it can lead to long term savings. When you buy toilet paper, your money literally ends up down the toilet. Not only that, but not flushing paper products down the toilet greatly decreases the chances of a clogged toilet, which can result in costly repairs if you need to call in a professional.

Toto Washlet Bidet Systems

Peak Hydronics is proud to supply and install Toto Washlet bidet systems. Unlike a traditional, older style standalone bidet that one might find in France or Portugal, the Toto system is installed directly on your toilet for efficiency and convenience. These bidets come with a number of unique features to provide a truly luxury experience such as heated seats, water temperature control, air dryers, deodorizers, and more!

We are proud to offer a wide variety of Toto systems for round and elongated toilets to best meet your home’s needs.  Contact Peak Hydronics today to learn more and for pricing details!