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Repairing vs Replacing Your Furnace This Winter

Posted by Peak Sewer on November 28, 2020

Did you know that heating costs typically eat up around 42% of your energy bill? That’s a large chunk of your utility costs and the number one culprit is a furnace system that doesn’t work as it should. Furnace units that have to work harder to produce heat cannot work efficiently. For this reason, if…Read More Here!

8 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm Without Turning Your Furnace On

Posted by Peak Sewer on September 28, 2020

Unlike the gradual transition from cold to warmth that spring provides, the chilly autumn weather seems to come on quickly in Edmonton. Turning on your heat during the months of September and October seems like an admission of defeat and an acceptance that summer is actually over. Most people try to stay away from turning…Read More Here!

Summer Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Peak Sewer on July 3, 2020

It’s finally summer-time and, if you’re like most Canadians, you mark the transition into warmer weather by the last day you had to turn your furnace on. But just because your furnace gets a break before winter hits again doesn’t mean you should ignore the need to keep it maintained. In fact, summer is a…Read More Here!

Troubleshooting Your Furnace

Posted by Peak Sewer on February 15, 2020

Living in Edmonton means that your furnace is a precious commodity. Even though the winter temperatures in Edmonton can vary from day-to-day, they can still reach frigid lows. In the dead of winter, you can’t afford for your furnace to work poorly or stop working altogether. If your furnace will not turn on, blows cold…Read More Here!

5 Tips for Saving On Your Heating Bill

Posted by Peak Sewer on January 1, 2020

Edmonton winters are no joke. When the temperatures drop, the furnace kicks in. With this in mind, it’s no shock to hear that Edmontonians often see a huge jump in their heating bills this time of year. Peak Hydronics wants to help you keep your home warm and comfortable this winter while saving money on…Read More Here!